Donations (English)

Some questions often asked about the orphanage:

– How many children do we take care with AFEV?

  • Fifteen until today

orphelin AFEV 01

– How old are they ?

  • From 4 to 15 years old.

– Are they really orphans, don’t they have any parents?

  • They are not orphans in the occidental sense of the term; for most of them their biological parents are alive but have abandoned them, most of the time leaving them to neighbors who alerted us. After investigation, we ask for the adoption papers to the police and the Governor.

– Are they adoptable?

  • Yes, in India, by Indians – not abroad – it is a choice of the association and myself, who wants to keep them in their culture.

– Where do they live?

  • They are living in foster families that AFEV has selected and paid (1800 rupees per month for one child or 30 euros – the siblings are not separated)

– Do they go to school?

  • Yes, in private schools where A.F.E.V. pays the fees (between 150 and 400 rupees per month over 12 months depending on the class and the school – because they’re not all in the same school as their place of residence in host families) – Where are they doing their homework?
  • At AFEV, twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday, Natasha and European volunteers for English and math in English, assisted by Indian volunteers for learning Hindi, math in Hindi ansd sanskrit

– What activities do they have?

  • Widely different activities: drawing, painting, modeling clay, dolls, sewing, car, balloons, outdoor games because we have only to cross the street to be in a large park where there are swings and a slide; (and our dinosaur! In the scientist park). We are also planting and first harvest of oranges was held ! On the day of the Camel Festival, we made available to children disposable cameras, many picnic most of time on Sundays – visits of temples, Deshnok, fun park, …